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We will bring to you the latest detailed information about Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness and how to get started with your own  Family Home Storage Plan..  We hope that this information will be useful.  We will often post new, relevant and informative articles on our webpage and blog.  Please check back to see whats new! The blog is setup so that you, the user, can share your information about preparedness and food storage.  Feel free to stop by often and be a participator on a regular basis. We hope our online stores and ads will bring attention to you about bargains and deals on needed food storage and physical emergency preparedness supplies. You may contact us by linking to the “Contact Us” button.  Thanks for visiting us today.



Be Patient, Common Sense Please

Be Patient, Common Sense Food Storage Please.

“I don’t understand! It all seems so confusing to me. It seems as though everyone else knows so much more about” FOOD STORAGE” than I do. There is so much to learn. I don’t believe I can do this. Every time I go to the internet to learn more about the subject I end up more confused than when I started.”

Does this sound like you? Are you confused? Are you suffering from what is called “analysis paralysis? (That is where you freeze and do nothing because you are continually searching for a “better way”.)

When you go to the internet to get help it becomes like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hydrant. I just now goggled the word “Food Storage” and received the message “About 239,000,000 results”. That’s millions. WOW! My head hurts!

In spite of all that, I say loudly, BE PATIENT!. Getting your food storage act together takes time and patience Stay calm. Things will work out. Don’t panic. The grocery stores are still open. It’s not too late to get started. Things often seem harder than they really are at first. So take a deep breath and relax.

You can get through this better if you remember one thing. “Common Sense.” In spite of all the blonde jokes and other references about how stupid people can be, you have common sense. You need no other talent or gift to gather food storage. If you already eat everyday, you already know how to get food.

Just having a little more knowledge about what types of food stores longer than others can help but is rather simple to learn.

In the next few blogs I post I will share some of the simple common sense lessons I have learned myself and from others about food storage.

Note from the author of this article, Geoffrey Gentry, I own this blog site I don’t consider myself an expert on food storage but I have started my own program (system). I look forward to sharing with my readers what I have learned along the way. Check back often for a continuation of “Be Patient. Common sense please.”


copyright © 2013 Geoffrey S Gentry



ReadyGarden™ 1-Acre SEEDSAFE™

ReadyGarden™ 1-Acre SEEDSAFE™

Dear Friends,

Do you find yourself facing any of the following problems?
• Trying to become prepared for emergencies but not knowing how much food, water, or storage space you’ll need.
• Getting frustrated with the lack of information about all the options you have when it comes to food storage.
• Having enough food for your family, but not having enough space to store it in.
• Worrying about your food storage rotting or going bad without you noticing until it’s too late.
• Feeling skeptical about whether your government (local or federal) will really be able to help you when the system collapses.

Perfect Preparedness Product

Are you asking any of these questions?
• How can I prepare for an emergency without breaking my budget?
• Is there a way for me to provide for each member of my family’s specific tastes and nutritional needs?
• Can I simplify and streamline my emergency preparations down to just one or two steps?
• Will any business out there just be honest with me about what products I’m getting and exactly what that will do for me?
• How will I take care of my family when more conventional means—like grocery stores or even governmental assistance—are not an option?

If so, click here for the ultimate solution for how to take care of your family—before you run out of time!


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